The difference between softwood plywood and hardwood plywood

What is softwood?

Softwood generally grows in subtropical and temperate areas with sufficient sunlight and humid climate. It is mainly made from the outer bark of some very developed tree species. Generally, this kind of tree species can be peeled off the bark and waited for it to grow to a certain number of years. After that, the bark can be harvested and stripped again, and the softwood is produced in a continuous cycle, and the softwood plywood produced is very elastic and has good anti-skid and abrasion resistance.


18mm softwood plywood

What is hardwood?

Hardwood refers to deciduous trees with very broad leaves. It mainly contains two kinds of trees, one is miscellaneous wood and the other is redwood, which is very precious material. hardwood plywood is hard wood, rich in color, natural texture, and high in quality. It has become a modern home. The most popular furniture material.


18mm hardwood plywood

The difference between softwood plywood and hardwood plywood

After understanding what is softwood and what is hardwood, we also need to understand the difference between softwood ply and hardwood ply in order to better choose the furniture that suits us. Although 12mm softwood plywood is soft, it can still be made into the furniture we need in life, so how to divide softwood plywood and hardwood plywood from the perspective of furniture?

1. Structure

The biggest difference between softwood and hardwood sheet is reflected in the internal structure. Generally, softwood plywood is composed of many flat cells, and the cells are filled with air so that the growing softwood presents a very soft state. It is precisely this that makes the softwood plywood with beautiful colors fill the interior; compared with softwood, the wood of hardwood plywood 4x8 is very hard and compact.

2. Hardwood is not hard, softwood is not soft

Although the texture of hardwood faced plywood is very hard, it does not mean that all hardwoods are very hard. Hardwoods vary greatly in hardness. Some hardwoods are even softer than softwoods. For example, balsa woods are softer than softwoods; And softwood is not what we imagined to be "breakable by blowing". Many softwood can still be made into the seats that we need in daily life.

3. Price

Compared with softwood plywood price, hardwood plywood price is more expensive. Because many hardwoods are precious tree species, and the tree species are relatively rare and are excellent materials for making furniture, their market prices are relatively high, while softwoods are more expensive. Planting tree species is more common, and the selling price is correspondingly lower.

4. Beautiful and practical

The hardwood floor is hard and beautiful, and the furniture made is even more high-quality, durable and practical, while the softwood furniture is soft, and the durability is relatively lacking in hardwood.

I believe that after reading the related introduction of softwood and hardwood, you must already understand the difference between the two types of wood. You can also determine what kind of wood the furniture is made of when buying furniture in the future.

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