Pencil cedar plywood

Advantages of pencil cedar

1. Wide range of uses

Pencil cedar is generally beautiful in appearance and has a wide range of uses in people's lives. It can be used for afforestation or planted in gardens. Pencil cedar is also often planted on both sides of the road. Pencil cedar can grow back in a short period of time even if it is pruned frequently.

2. Main value

Pencil cedar can also overcome this environment and grow normally when the light is not very sufficient. Therefore, Pencil cedar is often used as a fence. The branches are generally not easy to wither, and in winter, the color of the branches will not change. yellow. Pencil cedar is often planted next to some buildings to provide shade.

3. Planting range

However, the pencil cedar is not suitable for planting in places where there are frequent strong winds. The pencil cedar cannot resist strong winds. After being blown by the wind for a long time, the pencil cedar is easy to fall down. Pencil cypress cannot be soaked in water for a long time. In the rainy season, attention should be paid to timely drainage.

Pencil cedar plywood application

pencil cedar plywood used for a domestic flooring material, also suitable for a number of boat-building applications including masts, spars and interior fit-outs.


*Face&Back: Red cedar, Bintangor, Okume, Birch, Poplar, PLB, Poplar, Pine etc.

*Glue: MR, WBP, E2, E1, E0

*Grade: BB/BB, B/B, BB/CC, DBB/CC, UTY Grade

*Core: Combin Core, Poplar&Hardwood, Birch, Pine, Hardwood etc

*Thickness Tolerence: +/-0.2MM, or as Requested

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