Production machinery
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Veneer Lathe

Cuzi Technology make plywood first process by TAIHEI-V27-AB-W Vneer Lathe catches up world Techonical levels introduced from Germany Axis electron centering system was adopt to reach the highest veneer pubication rate.

Veneer Production Line

Three veneer production lines SFM BG183D processes world technical levels consume timber 138000cubic meters Maidao try to do best plywood manufacturer of china


Longitudinal Splicer

FZX-28 DELTA Veneer Longitudinal Splicer is processed world technical level brought 

in from switzerland.Non gel line and 

seamless connection cross feed splicing.

Thermo Compressor

HEI-500-400W Plywood auto matic muti-layer thermo compressor 

catches up world technical levels 

introduced from Germany

Finger Jointer

Introduce a full set of 330F/R-E from 

Germany,FAX-28 DELTA single-paperboard-shaped veneer splocing equipment,which 

owns 'Z' from veneer finger-splicing functin.

Vertical Slicer

Introduced from 'Green side bach' 

of Germany,it is a breakthrough of 

traditional vertical slicer which can 

just dig the veneer below 0.6mm.

Slicing thickness range:0.1mm-3.2mm,enlarged the veneer species

(inckuding flooring veneer).it can 

slice timer for 25cubc meters 

everyday,the production capacity 

is 3-5times of the common vertical slicer.


Fired Dryer

Introduced from a famous wood working 

machine enterprise 'Green Side Bach' of 

Germany.production capacity about 1.5-3

times higher than common national fired 

dryer.unit energy saving about 70%-90% 

of common national fired dryer.