Types of Pine Lumber

White pine

The white pine is the largest conifer in the Northeast. The white pine grows in most soils in its range, but it grows best in well-drained sandy soil. This type of wood is too soft to be ideal for home or building construction.The white pine tree was once the most valuable tree in the Northeast because of the tall, straight trees were perfect for ship masts and spars.

Blue pine

The only difference between a Blue Pine and a Southern Yellow Pine is the color. Blue Stain Fungi are prone to cause a bluish or grayish discoloration of the wood, but it does not affect the strength of the wood or cause the wood to decay. This type ply used for flooring and timbers. It is available in differing grades to provide a clean or rustic looking floor as well as for many other applications.

Southern Yellow Pine

This lumber has a bright yellow color. Because of its high density and strength, this type pine is suitable for construction projects. This strength makes it ideal for use in boats, flooring materials, and other carpentry jobs.