Softwood Plywood

Softwood characteristic

This structure makes the cork skin have very good elasticity, sealing, heat insulation, sound insulation, electrical insulation, friction resistance, non-toxic, odorless, small specific gravity, soft hand feel, and not easy to catch fire. No man-made product comes close. In terms of chemical properties, ester mixtures formed by several hydroxy fatty acids and phenolic acids are characteristic components of cork, collectively referred to as suberin.

These substances are resistant to decay and chemical erosion, so they have no chemical effect on water, grease, gasoline, organic acids, salts, esters, etc., except for the corrosion of concentrated nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, chlorine, iodine, etc. It has a wide range of uses, such as bottle stoppers, refrigeration equipment insulation, lifebuoys, sound insulation boards, etc.

The advantages of softwood

a. Softwood is a lightweight material, it has a special cell structure, there are 40 million cells per cubic meter, they are arranged in a honeycomb shape, and the cells are filled with resin, so it has a great reduction Vibration and sound insulation.

b. Softwood also has a good thermal insulation effect and is a B2-level refractory material. Its thermal insulation performance is about 20 times that of the brick-concrete structure.

c. Because Softwood is composed of cells, it has good elasticity and can adapt to different pressures, and its cells are filled with components such as suberin, which can well block the infiltration of substances such as liquids.

d. Softwood is also a degradable material, which can be recycled and reused, and its environmental protection performance is good. In addition, it also has good corrosion resistance, electrical insulation performance and so on.

What are the uses of softwood

1. One of the more common uses of cork is to make cork stoppers, which has always been considered an ideal wine stopper. Its elastic characteristics can seal the bottle well, and it does not completely isolate the air, which can make the wine taste more mellow.

2. Softwood can also be made into various building materials, such as cork flooring, wall panels and the like. The structure of softwood is stable, and it has good elasticity and sound insulation performance. In addition, softwood can also be used to make lifebuoys, cork insoles, wallets, mouse pads, etc. It is very versatile.

softwood plywood is manufactured from pine wood and and poplar veneers,  it is more hardwearing and long-lasting than normal wood. It has various applications, most popular used in construction and industrial applications. Softwood plywood’s are easy to work with when using conventional wood working tools and the face of the wood are lightly coloured which gives a pinewood effect and can be painted or varnished as required.

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