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beech plywood is widely-used hardwood, uses very thin wood veneer layers glued with the grain of adjoining layers are at right angles to each other. Beech wood is our more common wood used for solid wood stairs. The difference between heartwood and sapwood is unclear or slightly clear. The wood is white or very light yellow-brown, and it can be turned into light red-brown when placed in the air. The texture is straight, the texture is fine and uniform, and the wood is shiny. The material varies greatly depending on the growth conditions. The wood dries quickly, has good properties, and the wood is hard and heavy. beech ply has good performance such as great compactness, persistence, flexibility and size stableness. beech plywood is an important material in furniture-making production and applications requiring strength, for the production of mold modeling, roofing, flooring, stacking, wooden toys and musical instruments. Beech Plywood has technical and decorative values this is ideal for worktops, benches / bench tops and tabletops.


Dimensional stability, good durability and resistance to impact and stress

High density and stability,good workability

Excellent mechanical properties,superbly to steam-bending

Waterproof and moisture resistance