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Established in 2006, Cuzi Wood Industry is a subsidiary of China building group Ltd. This arm of the business caters to the needs of global clients in the building material for both their project, and as a cost-effective one-stop-shop solution that can provide customersí finished goods.

Cuzi has a rich experience in plywood and mdf production industry and is a specialist of customized plywood of big size. The current client base is mainly comprised of Premium building company, giving top priority to brand image, design and distinctive identity.To be a good partener as plywood manufacturers,plywood supplier,and mdf manufacturers of china.

The high quality production, flexibility, reactivity and competitive prices have projected Cuzi among the top plywood manufacturers in the world. Many recognized European and American brands have chosen to produce with us already. We export to major companies in the USA, Europe, South America, and Middle East. 

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