The characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of pine wood. Introduced the types of pine board furniture

Classification of pine furniture

1. Red pine:

Korean pine, also known as pine, belongs to the pinaceae and is a wild plant under national level II key protection. Mainly distributed in the Changbai Mountains to Xiaoxing an Mountains in northeast my country, the red pine is light and soft, not easy to deform, and has strong corrosion resistance. It is suitable for construction, bridges, sleepers, furniture production, etc. Red pine has good material, straight texture, strong resistance to pressure, rich in resin, strong resistance to decay, high craft value, good paint performance, and easy to dry. Wood can be used for construction, aviation, bridges, vehicles and ships. The wood has good planing and turning performance, easy to process, suitable for making various models, also for plywood, musical instruments and sports equipment, etc.

2. White Pine:

white pine, also known as Huashan pine and Wuxu pine, can be planted in the Qinba Mountains and some mountainous hills in Weibei. The annual average temperature should be below 15°C and the annual precipitation should be 600-1500 mm. It has strong adaptability to soil and can grow on mountain cinnamon soil, red yellow soil and red lime soil. However, the soil moisture requirements are stricter, and it is intolerant of drought and barrenness, and even less tolerant of salt and alkali and poor drainage. Huashan pine is relatively cold-tolerant, and can grow normally at a low temperature of minus 7-10°C, and can also grow at an absolute low temperature of up to minus 31°C. The material is light and soft, full of elasticity, fine and uniform structure, good dryness, water resistance, corrosion resistance, processing, coating, coloring and cementation. White pine has higher strength than red pine.

3. Radiata pine:

radiata pine (New Zealand pine) is not a native tree species of New Zealand. It is native to some islands in California, USA. The radiata pine does not grow well in the place of origin, its dry shape is poor, and its growth rate is slow. It has not received much attention. However, due to the unique site conditions of the island country of New Zealand, the radiata pine settles smoothly and grows unusually. The average temperature in the growing area of radiata pine is 12-20℃, the highest temperature can withstand 46℃, the annual sunshine hours are more than 2000h, and the annual precipitation is 600-1250mm. In addition to winter rain type climate, uniform rain type is also acceptable, and humid climate Is the best. radiata pine wood has a soft color and strong nail-holding power, making it a good furniture material. The use of curing technology can make the radiata pine furniture stronger and have a better color and texture.

Characteristics of all kinds of pine

Pine belongs to coniferous plants (common coniferous plants are pine, fir, and cypress). It has the following characteristics: pine fragrance, light yellow color, many boils, quick response to atmospheric temperature, easy to swell, and extremely difficult to dry naturally Wait. Pine wood is not easily deformed after manual treatment (such as drying, degreasing to remove organic compounds, bleaching to uniform tree color, and neutralizing tree properties). Russian pine: It is the same product as Northeast pine, just because of the difference in national boundaries. There are many types of Northeast pine, red pine (longer growth period, finer texture, reddish color), white pine (shorter growth period, more texture Crude).

The advantages and disadvantages of pine plywood

1. The pine ecological boards are all selected high-quality coniferous pine species. The growth rate of this pine wood is relatively strong, and the pine tree has not been pruned during the growth process, so it still can be seen Its material after it is made into furniture, so that it can highlight its special features.

2. It has good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, and also a relatively environmentally friendly material; in addition, the pine itself has a unique fragrance, which can play a refreshing effect.

3. Pine furniture does not need to be processed too much, because the wood itself has its own texture, and the shape of the pine ply is simple and generous, and the lines are full and smooth. The processing method with less carving is environmentally friendly and healthy, and it looks more natural and beautiful. This saves additional processing techniques, reduces costs, and can also add a lot of fashion and beauty effects to the house.

4. Long service life after irregular maintenance, the service life is generally longer, and the pine wood plywood itself is very firm and not easy to be damaged. Of course, the quality of furniture made of pine board is also very good, and it is longer than ordinary wood.

5. There is more water in pine ecological wood, which is easy to crack, so pine furniture must not be placed in a humid environment for a long time.

Pine veneer plywood products

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