Selection skills of maple veneer plywood

Features of maple veneer plywood

Maple is not only a wonderful work in the natural, but also a good material for architectural decoration. Because of its color harmonization, it is often used to make fine wood furniture, high-end furniture, and still has a wide range of applications in the interlayer of cork plywood paneling, wood shovel and paper industry, other uses include: veneer, wood frame, lamps, drawer sides panels, interior construction, furniture sets, sub-cabinets, baseboards and turned products.

Color: Milky white to pure white. Sometimes light reddish brown, mostly grayish brown in western wood. 

Features: The wood is compact, the texture is uniform, the polishing is good, and there are occasional light greenish-gray mineral grains, which is easy to paint.

Wood: moderate strength, fine quality wood. Use this variety to pave the ground, which is comfortable, gentle, bright and generous.

Price: maple veneer plywood has the elegant texture of natural maple. If the base material of the maple veneer you buy is not maple, don't be surprised, because the industry's calling standard for maple veneer is relatively low, as long as the surface is maple veneer texture  is called maple veneer. Of course, with different thicknesses, substrates and brands, the price will fluctuate to some extent.

Identification and purchase of maple veneer plywood

1. Thickness

Look at the thickness of the veneer, the thicker the better the performance, the more real the wood feels after painting, the clearer the texture, the brighter the color and the better the saturation. How to identify the thickness of the veneer? Check whether the edge of the board has sand penetration, whether there is glue seepage on the panel, and whether there is blue in the water test. Transparency phenomenon, if there are the above problems, it belongs to the thin panel skin.

2. Beautiful

It can be graded according to the clarity and arrangement of the texture of the plywood. The texture is clear and the color is coordinated. The color is not coordinated. The regular color difference of the damaged panel, and even the discoloration and blackness depends on the severity. Divided into first grade, pass or fail. Check whether it is warped and deformed, and whether it can be vertically erected and laid flat naturally. If warping occurs or the board is soft and not upright and cannot be erected, it is an inferior bottom plate.

3. Purchase

Due to some characteristics of the veneer itself, it takes a certain amount of time for the quality problems to appear, so when purchasing, look at the dealer's operating strength and after-sales service guarantee.

Maple veneer plywood construction attention

1. The installation of the fancy plywood should be carried out after the quality acceptance of the base. The matrix should have sufficient strength, stability and stiffness, and its surface quality should meet the requirements of the engineering quality acceptance specification.

2. Before the construction, there should be a model of the main material or make a model wall and a model room on the same base. After the acceptance is qualified and the construction plan is determined, the construction will be officially carried out.

3. The quantity, specification, connection force method and anti-corrosion treatment of embedded parts (or backstage embedded parts) and connecting parts in the installation project of decorative panels must meet the design requirements.

4. The installation of the decorative panel should be flat and firm, the width of the joint should meet the design requirements, and the filling should be dense to prevent water seepage.

5. The size and direction of pressing and rubbing of the metal decorative panel should meet the design requirements.

6. The treatment of seismic joints, expansion joints, settlement joints and other parts of the installation project of the veneer should ensure the integrity use of the joints.

7. During construction in winter, the temperature of the mortar shall not be lower than 5°C. Before the mortar hardens, antifreeze measures should be taken.

8. After the project is completed, the finished plywood product should be protected to prevent pollution and damage.

Maple plywood installation process

1. Stone panel installation

1) Grouting method. Plate in place, drilling or grooving---plate installation---adding wedge correction, fixing---layered grouting---caulking treatment---treatment, maintenance---inspection and acceptance.

2) Paste method. Basic treatment _ plastering the bottom layer ash - elastic thread, block --- inlay --- cleaning, protection --- _ inspection, acceptance

3) Dry hanging method. Measure and pay-off--install connectors--install decorative panels--caulking, cleaning--check, acceptance

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