Focus on the small repair to improve best quality

On April 23, 2013 at 1:00 pm, CUZI company to hold all the external repair repair quality to promote the meeting, director chaired the meeting, director of quality inspection repair repair methods and attention matters of different tree species in different types of defects to explain, especially emphasizes the importance of repair method for repairing quality.

Wood science and technology with high technology content, "repair" soft process is an indispensable. Wood is a natural material, a variety of physical performance, be the most changeful, have a good grasp of wood processing rules is not easy -- repairing veneer "small things to live", need to master the various veneer, requires patience and responsibility. How to control the quality of repair, test is put forward for the business management personnel and quality inspection personnel.

Two years, the development prospects of wood science and technology, especially this year, achieved sales in the first quarter off to a good start. As a result of raw material quality level uneven quality problem brought by itself, repair section to hoard a large number of products, light using its own factory conditions has been unable to meet the "repair" demand, because the partner -- external processing, help solve the problem. In order to make the external processing to promote the "repair" ability, company training and technical output of each processing point, also came to the point of machining on-the-spot guidance "repair" operation, as a result, wood science and technology to repair the top rate in the original basis of the enhanced 10%.

The convening of the "repair quality improvement meeting", feedback a strong signal: repair quality is crucial to the overall quality of wood science and technology, the next company to make breakthroughs in key areas. Xu Weiliang also stressed that, product quality problems 80% responsibility in the management, 20%, from employees.

Next, we will leverage the baby rabbit management of advanced QC management system, standardize the production process and flow, borrow the "brain" to enhance the company's quality management. In addition to "repair", from the material to the device, from R & D to design, from production to inspection, including sales, all business activities, to implement the standardized management, standardized, comprehensive control.