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slotted mdf is a buliding material, which is a kind of density panel with grooves on the surface to form decorative stripes or fixed pendants. The panels are typically made from MDF, with a finish such as melamine paper pressed or laminated onto one or both sides. Grooves are then machined into the board and painted or fitted with plastic or aluminum inserts. The distance between common slotted mdf stripes are equal, which is processed by professional machines. Slotted mdf is a kind of display decorative material with special deep processing of panel. It is widely used in  display board in retail stores and super market, and it can also used for furniture making, such as shop fitting, display rack, cabinet, display rack and etc.


1). Easy fabricability, anti-static, easy cleaning

2). Strong and Durable

3). Water and moisture resistant

4). High scratch resistant

5). Low formaldehyde emission