How to choose poplar plywood?

How about poplar plywood?

1. poplar ply can be regarded as a composite plywood of poplar veneer, which is much thicker, and is generally used as a raw material for doors and floors.

2. First of all, 5mm poplar plywood itself is tough, with high mechanical strength, and strong corrosion resistance; and the sapwood is dark yellow, the heartwood is dark purple-gray, the core and the sapwood are clearly distinguished; the texture is clear, the planed surface is smooth and the string. The pattern is beautiful, and exquisite carved lacquer crafts can be made. The furniture made of it is mostly simple in shape, smooth lines, elegant and generous in style.


How to choose poplar plywood?

1. The base material of the heavy board is good and compacted. At present, the base layer of multi-layer solid plywood flooring on the market, mostly used poplar, pine, and birch. The base layer is made of imported Dipterocarpaceae wood as much as possible, and its water resistance and stability are excellent.

2. poplar core plywood thickness: The thicker the base layer, the stronger the floor strength, and the stronger after paving. For a good base layer, the cost per square meter increases by two dollars for every millimeter of thickness.

3. Multi-layer solid flooring grade plywood is composed of solid wood surface layer and solid wood base layer. The quality of the surface layer determines the beauty and service life of the floor. The surface layer is made of selected high-quality wood after drying, degreasing, and curing. The 4x8 poplar plywood surface should not have defects such as decay, dead knots, wormholes, cracks, and sandwiching. However, for small slip knots, the color difference should not be too large. Exactly because this is the natural property of wood.

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