Advantages of film faced plywood

Laminate is a waterproof film faced on the film faced plywood. There are black film, red film, and brown film. According to the quality of the film paper, the price is different, and the number of times of use is different, so the film faced shuttering plywood has a bright gloss, can choose a variety of colors.

So what are the advantages of black film faced plywood?

First of all, the coated template is light in weight, which is conducive to the earthquake resistance of the layout, and can effectively add the foundation and the main cost of the layout. Second, the coated template has strong water resistance and is made of phenolic resin through hot pressing in the production. It is used in the concrete curing process. It does not deform when exposed to water, and the film coated plywood can keep heat and heat insulation. It will absorb a lot of heat when exposed to fire, and it will delay the temperature rise of the surrounding conditions. Therefore, it has fire-retardant and flame-retardant properties. In addition, the plywood shuttering sheets has good sound insulation performance, such as aerated concrete, shortening. The single-layer wall composed of perlite slabs has a large thickness and meets the requirements of sound insulation.

Finally, the workability of the ply board shuttering is very good. Compared with other materials, the concrete shuttering ply is relatively flat. The joint between the board and the board forms a seamless heart; it can be processed at will, and only a cutting knife can be arbitrarily aligned. The board is cut, and the construction is flexible and convenient. Using it as a decoration material can greatly increase the construction speed.

Through the above information, we can understand that the film faced plywood has so many advantages and has a wide range of applications. At the same time, the construction shuttering plywood is more popular because of the different colors and patterns on the film.

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