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shuttering plywood is a material used in the shuttering process mainly used for concrete purpose.  When used for shuttering or pouring concrete into moulds. When used for concrete moulds the plywood is held together by additional wood and metal supports. Once in place, the concrete is poured into the mould. The plywood is then pulled away leaving the structural supports in place. Due to the properties of shuttering plywood it is weather resistant and does not stick to concrete. Shuttering Plywood is a type of wooden panel that is created by laying thin veneers of wood on top of each other, then gluing those veneers together. It may be very strong and therefore unlikely to split. Ideal for external applications it offers strong resistance to moisture, warping, rotting and splitting. Shuttering Plywood is BWP (Boiling water proof) grade plywood. If you require an economical formwork plywood for small concrete projects, MR glue can also be your choice. Shuttering plywood is easily reused.

Advantages of shuttering panels:

Smooth surface of the panel, Provides high-quality concrete cast surface

Long lifetime, can be reused

Lightweight plywood, easy to handle on-site and adjust to the desired shape

High durability, dimensional stability and high weight loading capacity