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Red Oak:

Red oak is ideal for making all kinds of furniture and cabinets. The wood is hard and strong, not too heavy, and easier to handle than other oaks. Unique wood grain and good surface treatment properties are ideal for making dyed products with natural oil finish or the same tone. Red oak components include solid wood, laminate and veneer. Furniture manufacturers around the world use a lot of red oak plywood and veneers in their products, and the effect is unique.


1. Oak wood solid wood has good texture, beautiful texture and uniform texture.

2. Oak wood has strong plasticity in the process of making furniture, good processing performance, easy to create and easy to drill.

3. Light color, easy to color.

4. The cut surface is smooth and easy to glue.

5. Moisture is not easy to deform.

6. Good hardness, high-strength wear resistance, especially suitable for stairs, floors, sub-tables, solid wood doors, etc.