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The fancy plywood is the veneer plywood, which is made of precious tree species such as teak, ash, beech, black walnut, rosewood, etc. It is precisely rotary-cut to make thin wood slices with a thickness of 0.1~1mm; plywood, fiberboard, particleboard as the base material, using advanced adhesive technology and adhesive, made by hot pressing.

The veneer maintains the natural texture of the wood, which is delicate and beautiful, with strong sense of reality and three-dimensionality, and has the characteristics of natural beauty. The size of the veneer is generally 1220mm×2440mm×18mm.

In office decoration, veneer plywood can be used as ceilings, door and window covers, furniture finishes, bar counters, wine cabinets, exhibition stands, etc. As a surface decoration material, the veneer decorative board must be pasted on the base layer with a certain thickness and strength, and should not be used alone.