Particle board, wood board, MDF, which one is better?

Whether the furniture is good or not, the board is very important. There are many panels on the market now. For many consumers, it is not clear what characteristics and how these panel have. It is also easy to be fooled when buying. Today we will talk about the three common types of board, particle board, wood board, and MDF, and let everyone know them briefly.

There are only two kinds of boards, one is log and the other is Manmade boards. Such as particle board, MDF, wood board, solid plywood etc are all man-made boards. After you understand it, you will find that wood-based panels are an environmental milestone in the history of modern furniture.

Why is wood-based panel a milestone in environmental protection? Imagine that solid wood grows slowly, for dozens or hundreds of years. If every family wants solid wood, the forest will be in jeopardy.

What is particle board?

Maybe some consumers say that solid wood particle board is not particle board? Yes, nor is it, solid wood particle board is only one type of particle board, and it is also the best one.

From the classification of the raw materials of particleboard, it can be divided into:

wood chipboard

Bagasse Particle Board

Flax chipboard

Cotton stalk particle board

bamboo particle board

cement particle board

gypsum particle board

From the classification of the internal structure of particleboard, it can be divided into:

Single layer structure particle board

Three-layer structure particle board

Gradient structure particle board (from the side, it can be seen that the particles are from big to small or from small to big)

Oriented Strand Board (generally refers to the regular crisscross and hot pressing of wood chips)

Waffle board (which means large particle board)

Molded particle board

Solid wood particle board belongs to wood particle board and oriented structure particle board. Solid wood particle board is a kind of man-made board made by cutting wood into small wood chips of certain specifications by machinery and equipment, which is crisscrossed, sizing, and hot pressed. This is also the standard configuration of the custom home furnishing industry. So consumers should not think that solid wood particle board is bad when they hear it. If the quality is poor or environmentally friendly, how could it be used by the entire industry?

What is so good about solid wood particle board?

Good moisture resistance (because the base material of solid wood particle board is small wood chips, a large amount of wood fiber is still retained, and the water absorption rate of wood fiber is low, just like why a wooden boat can float across the ocean? It is because the water absorption rate of wood is low. Therefore, the moisture resistance of solid wood particle board will be better)

Strong load-bearing ability and good nail holding power (because the base material is small wood chips, and it is made of hundreds of tons of crisscrossing and hot pressing, it is very hard and has a very strong nail biting force)

Environmental protection (Solid wood particle board is not in powder form, so it needs less glue, which is relatively more environmentally friendly)Of course, solid wood particle board does not mean that there are no disadvantages:

High requirements for processing equipment

Looks ugly (Indeed, it is not beautiful at all when viewed from the cross-section, it is not beautiful at all, but after sealing and finishing, these problems disappear.)

It is not easy to shape (because the solid wood particle board is very hard and the structure is crisscross, so the solid wood particle board is not easy to shape. It is generally used as a load-bearing cabinet instead of a door panel.)

What is MDF?

MDF is a kind of fiberboard, and MDF also has its classification:

low density fiberboard (usually used for packaging cartons or inferior furniture)

medium density fiberboard(moderate softness and hardness, good flexibility, easy to shape, so it is generally used as decorative mdf wall panels)

high density fiberboard (the highest hardness, generally used for wood mdf flooring boards)

18mm mdf is generally a man-made board made by machine cutting and separating plant fibers such as wood into powder, after sizing and hot pressing. You can also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of MDF:

Benefits of mdf sheet:

Good flexibility (because the door panel is often opened and closed by pushing and pulling, if it is too hard, it is easy to cause cracking, so this advantage of mdf product can just be used)

Easy to model

Shortcomings of MDF:

Poor moisture resistance (because it is in powder form, it has strong water absorption and is naturally not moisture-proof, but the MDF does not exist after finishing and edge sealing)

Poor load-bearing and nail holding power (also due to the characteristics caused by the base material and powdery structure, so MDF cannot be used as a cabinet, and there is no problem as a door panel)

Poor environmental protection (because it is in powder form, it needs a lot of glue, and the environmental protection is relatively poor, but it can also be solved by edge banding and finishing)

What is wood board?

Wood board is also called big core board, block board, and some more high-end woven boards are called ecological solid wood board. In fact, it is wood board. Woodworking board generally refers to cutting wood into wooden strips, splicing the wooden strips, applying glue, and then pasting high-quality veneers with textured finishes on both sides.

As a mdf wood furniture, personally it is not recommended. Because wood board has the following fatal disadvantages whether it is used as a cabinet or a door panel:

Not environmentally friendly (mdf wood board is made of inferior wooden strips of different sizes, which have poor flatness and require a lot of glue to bond, so the amount of formaldehyde must be very high)

The load-bearing ability and nail holding power are poor (because the wooden strips of the wood board are inferior materials, the wooden strips themselves have many defects and even moths, and the length varies, so the gap is large, and the surface is only pasted with a very thin veneer , So the nail-holding power is very poor, and the nails cannot be bitten at all, let alone the load-bearing ability)

Of course, it is not to say that wood board does not have advantages, it still has its advantages.

Low raw material requirements

Low requirements on processing equipment

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